Who are we?  >  Our Mission

BIOS is the most important Science, Technology, and Innovation initiative in the country. It was created by the national government (Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies -MinTIC and Colciencias) and the private sector, represented by Microsoft, in response to the need for high-level research in Colombia. The Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology of Colombia –BIOS is leader in supercomputing in the country, dedicated to providing services to the government, academy, and industry interested in research and development in biotechnology and bioprospecting of the nation’s great biodiversity resources. BIOS is a non-profit, mixed organization that offers robust supercomputing infrastructure and highly trained personnel for developing research and innovation.


¿What do we want for 2020?

To be leaders in innovative solutions and services development, using knowledge and ICT tools based on biological principles, impacting the industry and academy in the country and Latin America.


¿What do we believe in?

At BIOS, our day-to-day work strives to provide computational tools related to life sciences; develop software, store and process research data from researchers, members of other research groups or third parties; carry out academic and educational activities, guide intensive research in data analysis and interpretation; and participate in research developments in other knowledge areas that require the use of data processing facilities, relevant for science, technology, and innovation development.