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This system is aimed at articulating actors from the biotechnological sector in order to work jointly on projects, research, and grant calls. It offers spaces where each institution can publish relevant information on their products, services, vacancies, events, scientific articles, among others. BiotecRed is, therefore, the country’s biotechnology social network.

Offer products and services
Offer jobs in the sector
Create events
Publish news related to the sector
Offer training
Visualization of the biotechnology map of Colombia
Application fields
Generating new businesses
Generating knowledge on the sector and articulating actors
Strengthening the biotechnological ecosystem
Biotechnological networking
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Sistema de informacion


This system seeks to strengthen the I+D+i ecosystem through an intelligent data processing and visualization platform for health-related data analyses, execution and follow-up processes; aiming to promote TIC-based clinical data processing for diagnostics, therapeutics, and prevention.

Intelligent data processing through Big Data techniques
Advanced data visualization
Promoting decision-making support tools
Application fields
Testeo de alimentos


This application incorporates the development of systems that integrate hardware and software for the chemical analysis of food products. It is supported by neuroengineering tools contributing to improve quality evaluation processes and generate flavor and emotion profiles associated to a given product.

Characterize the flavors of food products
Classify products according to their quality
Generate flavor profiles for food products
Compare taster tests
Identify user emotions
Application fields
New products testing
Standardization of product quality