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Analisis Genomico


The aim of this emblematic Project is to develop a collection of the Colombian biodiversity based on genomic sequencing and analysis of species of agronomical, industrial and ecological importance. This projects strives for the country’s economic growth based on scientific innovation that allows to create new products and optimize existing ones within a sustainable and profitable context.

Project stages
Molecular expedition
Bioprospecting, improvement and conservation
Technological transfer
Characterize agroecosystems in order to establish the challenges faced due to global climate change.
Define an adequate management for national species of interest, such as conservation and protection of endemic species, improvement of productive species and sustainable use of promising species.
Analisis Genomico


This Project aims to analyze the genetic information of the country’s population in order to characterize and understand its genetic potential, ancestry, and disease susceptibility. This information is not only important at an individual level, but also at a national level for decision-making in health policies and medical interventions.

Project Stages
Project socialization with the study group
Sample collection
Genetic variants analysis
Results socialization
Having a centralized genetic bank of the Colombian population.
The possibility of knowing where Colombians come from
Identifying disease incidence
Providing tools for products development
Supporting the development of personalized medicine in Colombia
Expedicion Bio


What is it?

“Caldas Bioregión” is a Science, Technology and Innovation royalties Project that seeks to develop actions to strengthen scientific training, technological infrastructure, collaborative work, and research and innovation in the country’s business ecosystem, with an added value through biotechnology that allows to participate with high competitive and quality standards in the global market.

Project goals:
1. To generate training and formation processes attending to the needs of the academy, businesses and government, in order to support the country’s biotechnological and computational biology system.
2. To provide scientific data analysis, interpretation, visualization,diagnostics, and diffusion tools that contribute to increasing innovation capacities for the academic community, businesses and government, supported by the Center’s technological infrastructure.
3. To generate sustainable networking strategies, taking advantage of the scientific and technological capacities for the competitive development of the country’s biotechnological system.
4. To develop and implement research and services in biotechnology and informatics at BIOS.
5. To drive technological transfer and diffusion activities that impact on the region’s competitiveness through the use of the HPC cluster.
6. To use the HPC cluster’s scientific and technological infrastructure for generating new businesses based on biotechnology and TIC.
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