Immersed in the new era of biological data generation technologies, our scientific team is in charge of performing bioinformatics analyses at different levels, in addition to improving and creating new tools and pipelines focused on exploiting to the fullest the information contained in these datasets.

The great expansion of omics technologies has led to a generalized increase throughout the scientific community in the capacity to decipher the information obtained from this great amount of data generated in biological sciences projects.

At BIOS, we have focused on gathering a team of bioinformatics and computational biologists with the capacity to contribute innovative solutions in data analyses for genomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics studies. We provide solutions that range from prokaryote and eukaryote genome assembly, annotation and gene expression profiles analysis, to complex genomic-scale network reconstruction.

Brindamos soluciones que van desde el ensamblaje y anotaciones de genomas procariotas y eucariotas, análisis y comparación de perfiles de expresión génicos, hasta la creación de complejas redes a escala genómica.

The scientific team at BIOS offers specialized support for research projects that involve bioinformatics analyses, including their formulation, the selection of the most adequate sequencing technologies according to the project’s objectives, and the application of the most suited data analysis strategy.