Bioprospecting for the cosmetics industry


This project aims to explore the potential of traditional plants in Colombia by combining traditional in vitro bioprospecting methodologies with bioinformatics (in silico) analyses to accurately identify the biological production of metabolites of interest to the cosmetic industry. Together with four companies in the cosmetics sector, we seek to find new solutions to traditional problems of the industry, using scientific knowledge to solve business needs and acknowledging the power of traditional cultural knowledge to generate innovative solutions. This project will contribute to strengthening research and technological development, innovating in cosmetics products, and implementing bioprospecting projects at the industrial level.

General aim
  • To generate technological and scientific capabilities in bioprospecting, establishing a metabolic model from in vitro and in silico analyses of the metabolism of plants of traditional use, to establish their potential for production of metabolites of interest and their transfer to the cosmetic industry.
  • The incorporation of new products of natural origin in companies of the cosmetics sector, opening new market niches at national and international levels, due to the incorporation of new technologies for the development of innovative products.
  • BIOS and allied entities will be able to transfer the proposed methodology and the information generated in this project to other productive sectors (pharmaceutical, food industry), generating solutions based on the country's biodiversity, in a sustainable manner.