“Coffee Region” BIO Expedition


The purpose of this project is to carry out a collection of the genomic resources of the plant species of the Colombian Coffee Region (Eje Cafetero).

Among the groups of plants to be studied are those of great agricultural importance (coffee, corn, avocado), medium agricultural importance (fruit trees, vegetables) that important for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and also national emblematic plants that have mainly an ecological importance (wax palm, frailejon, yarumo).

This projects will use modern technologies of the 'omic' sciences for the study of these plants. These technologies include genomic sequencing, molecular marker technologies (SNPs, Genotyping by Sequencing, Target Sequencing Hybridization), RNAseq and metabolomics, among others.

General aim
  • To generate genomics tools for the plant species that constitute the agroforestry systems of the “Eje cafetero” in order to predict and diagnose their response to climate change, improve food security and support family farming.
Specific objectives
  • To identify genes related to the production of promising compounds for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
  • To identify genes related to the productivity of plants of agricultural importance in Colombia
  • To identify biomarkers of stress in plants of agricultural and ecological importance