2016 Seaflower Scientific Expedition: Exploration and determination of the potential use of the microbial biodiversity of marine ecosystems in the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve through metagenomics


This Project aims to determine the metabolic diversity and functionality of microbial communities associated to representative macroorganisms of the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, through a metagenomics analysis. This Biosphere Reserve is a Protected Marine Area of 65018 Km2, located between the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, and contains the third largest coral reef barrier in the world. The knowledge generated in this project is fundamental, since marine microorganisms represent 90% of the ocean biomass and regulate matter and energy fluxes, and the biogeochemical cycles and processes of carbon, nitrogen, and sulphur in marine ecosystems. This study is a first approach to studying the microbial biodiversity in the region, which will allow to understand its ecological status and to promote the value of this marine resource.