+BIOS is a special that highlights how science and technology has transformed people's lives, in order to share their inspiring stories and motivate others to persist in their goals and dreams.

Ana María Giraldo Gómez

I'm going to die, I don't have the strength to go on!

Meet the first part of the story of Ana María Giraldo Gómez, a Colombian woman who made history by climbing for the first time one of the highest mountains in the world, "Everest".

This great Colombian mountaineer tells us about her odyssey climbing the imposing Everest mountain and the moment when she felt she was going to die.

Diana Galeano Osorio

Diana Galeano has a PhD in materials engineering, and since her childhood she showed great interest in knowing everything around her, having the fortune of having parents who cultivated her knowledge.

Fabio Arias

He is Fabio Arias, a birdwatcher from the city of Manizales for about 17 years. He started high school in a rural school and finished high school in a public school. His story inspires us for his passion and commitment to the environment and birds, and above all for his desire to get ahead despite the difficulties.

Francisco Javier Martínez

Know the story of Francisco Javier Martinez Tabares (Electrodoctor Celbit), about how science and technology saved his life.