In the year 2007, after a visit from Bill Gates to Colombia, it became clear that we needed to take advantage of the Colombian megadiversity through the creation of a high-level research center that could develop and make use of the nation’s great potential through bioinformatics and computational biology. This idea aimed to address the objectives of innovation and economic development of the national government. Therefore, in 2008, the creation of BIOS was initiated thanks to a cooperation alliance between Colciencias and MINTIC.

Manizales was chosen as the place to develop this research center, located in the heart of the Coffee region and harboring a diversity of ecosystems, thermal floors, and nearly 55,000 species within a 200 Km radius. Futhermore, this region of Colombia contains a high density of top-quality universities that offer programs in life sciences and informatics, which are an important supply for BIOS.

Thanks to the collaboration of the City Hall of Manizales, BIOS currently operates in Los Yarumos Ecopark, a tropical humid forest ecosystem. Since 2013, we have one of the fastest supercomputers in Latin America and, in 2015, we obtained the most advanced visualization wall for scientific research in South America.

In 2016, aiming to initiate product transfer processes to the industry, we began the project “Bioprospecting for the cosmetics industry”, with support from Colciencias and four cosmetic companies. In this project, our scientific team performs bioinformatics analyses at different biological levels to gain knowledge on the genetic information harbored in our biodiversity, which can contribute to generating added-value products.

In this way, we continue to contribute to the socio-economic development of our country by commiting to bring cutting-edge technology to Colombia, in order to optimize and enhance research and development processes through artificial intelligence.

By 2018, BIOS seeks to strengthen joint research efforts through projects with strategic allies that focus on transfer and scalability. These projects will guarantee our ability to go beyond research in order to apply scientific knowledge and vanguard technology to address the country’s needs. This can be done through solutions in environmental security, innovation in food, cosmetics and health products, enhancement of agricultural productivity, plague and disease control, and the offer of better or novel services. Other solutions include the application of artifical intelligence to optimize man-machine processes, accelerate biological data analysis processes, and obtain valuable information that can facilitate decision-making, the construction of new solutions, among others.

Time line


Fortalecimiento del trabajo articulado, con la implementación de proyectos de investigación aplicada, para responder a las necesidades del país, en términos de soluciones en seguridad ambiental, innovación de productos alimenticios, cosméticos y salud, incremento de la productividad agrícola, control de plagas y enfermedades, mejores o nuevos servicios para la ciudadanía, así como también la aplicación de inteligencia artificial para optimizar procesos hombre


Cierre con éxito del proyecto de regalías Caldas – Bio Región, reconocido por el DNP como un caso de éxito nacional de ejecución y cumplimiento de objetivos.


Despliegue de estrategias de formación, investigación aplicada, articulación institucional y emprendimiento.


Lanzamiento de la sala de visualización.


Inicio de la ejecución del proyecto de regalías “Caldas Bio-región”. Reconocimiento del grupo de investigación. Definición de proyectos emblemáticos.


Llegada de la infraestructura computacional de altas prestaciones. Lanzamiento del Centro. Reconocimiento como centro de desarrollo tecnológico.


Despliegue de actividades de investigación científica y desarrollo tecnológico.


Consolidación del Centro de Bioinformática y Biología Computacional de Colombia BIOS.


Firma del memorando para la creación del Centro de Bioinformática y Biología Computacional de Colombia – BIOS.


Nace la idea de un Centro de Bioinformática y Biología Computacional en Colombia como una apuesta para el fortalecimiento de la Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación