We work hand by hand with different sectors of society in order to democratize science and to strengthen the social appropriation of knowledge, technology and innovation.


We develop solutions that allow industries to move towards the future through processes, materials, products and services.


We provide computing infrastructure for the processing of biological data in scientific investigations.


We work hand in hand in the development of public policies that generate an ideal environment for bringing cutting-edge technology to society as a whole.


We offer experiences that bring members of the community closer to scientific developments in order to instill empowerment and generate positive attitudes towards science.

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ORIGIN is a BIOS initiative that studies the Colombian human genome to discover novel information, perhaps even the next great advancement in the area of health, to be able to prevent diseases, increase the quality of life and adopt precision medicine strategies in Colombia.

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Center of Bioinformatics and
Biology Computational of Colombia

(+57)  312 630 7973


Ecoparque Los Yarumos
Edificio BIOS Manizales, Caldas, Colombia


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